I'm trying to figure out proper syntax for specifying external classes as params/returns in JSDOC.

so, for example, I have:

import redux from 'redux';

 * @param {object} state
 * @return {{module:redux.Store}}
export function initState(state=initialState) {
  store = redux.createStore(theReducer, Immutable.fromJS(state));
  return store;

the problem is, that if I use this in webstorm, "Go To Declaration" on Store sends me to totally irrelevant place.

which means, that either my syntax is wrong (what is the right one?) or it is a bug in Webstorm


syntax looks ok... Logged as WEB-19261, please follow it for updates

  • thanks, @lena. I'll follow-up there – JimiDini Nov 29 '15 at 14:12

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