I'm trying to use Kinect2 for a project. But it has a problem that the device is recognised on Hi-Speed Bus not on the SuperSpeed Bus. I suspect that due to this problem, the kinect programm is not able to be opened. The laptop is a Early 2015 Macbook Pro, OS X: Yosemite.

Has anyone come across similar issue?

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The libfreenect2 FAQ says if that happens, you should:

try unplugging the Kinect from power source with the USB cable connected, and plug the power again, then verify.


It seems like a combination of Macbook Pro and Yosemite. The problem was fixed simply by upgrading to El Capitan. The same issue happened on 2 different Macbook pro with Yosemite. But it worked perfectly on a IMac with Yosemite.

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