My goal is a single file of documents in JSON format, that would come from 50-100 MS Word or PDF documents.

Is there a way to supply multiple documents to the "convert_document" command? I've tried using curl to supply multiple .pdf or *.doc files like this:

 curl -u
  -F "config={\"conversion_target\":\"ANSWER_UNITS\"};type=application/json" 
  -F "file=@\*.doc;type=application/msword" -X POST

Unfortunately, this gives me an error: curl: (26) couldn't open file "*.doc" I have also tried -F "file=@file1.doc,file2.doc,file3.doc" but that gives errors as well.

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The document conversion service only accepts one file at a time, but you can call it multiple times and concatenate the results.

 for doc in *.doc
     echo "Converting - $doc"
     curl -u "$USERNAME:$PASSWORD" \
     -F 'config={"conversion_target":"ANSWER_UNITS"};type=application/json' \
     -F "file=@$doc;type=application/pdf" "$URL"

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