Having the trouble to connect to IBeacon, I have downloaded the Locate app but it was unable to find my IBeacon. I have also manually configured the ibeacon but without success. Another approach was that I have downloaded the eBeacon app and my IBeacon is visible only in central peripherals, not in the list of Beacons.

I think the problem is in the device. Here it is my beacon.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


P.S I have asked the question about the problems for connection to IBeacon here.

  • Did you set correctly its UUID in order to find it? – Larme Nov 26 '15 at 9:50
  • Actually I did, but the UUID which seller wrote me seems incorrect. I found it manually by eBeacon App, which gives an information about Bluetooth device. – Shalva Avanashvili Nov 26 '15 at 9:52

As suggest in your comment, the most likely explanation is that the beacon is not broadcasting a ProximityUUID that is configured into your iOS devices. More general bluetooth scanning apps for iOS will show the service UUID for a device, but this is not the same as the ProximityUUID, even though superficially it looks the same. This can be very misleading.

Unfortunately, iOS has a security mechanism that does not allow you to read the identifiers of an iBeacon unless you know the ProximityUUID up front. Fortunately, other platforms do not have this restriction. Two alternatives are:

If you have one of the above platforms with BLE support (or can borrow one), you can use this to scan for the beacon and get its ProximityUUID.

  • Thanks, you helped me too much. Android Locate app have found real ProximityUUID. – Shalva Avanashvili Nov 26 '15 at 11:20

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