Using the Copy existing template... I found the structural search for loops:

for ($Type$ $Variable$ : $Expression$) {

I want to enhance it so that it does only find for loops where the variable is not final.

It should find:

for (String string : strings) {
    // Statements

However not:

for (final String string : strings) {
    // Statements

Right now it obviously finds both since there's no differentiation between final and non-final. How can I add this extra check?

  • devnet.jetbrains.com/message/5262495 suggests that there is an undocumented feature: !__context__.hasModifierProperty("final"). – Andy Turner Nov 26 '15 at 10:16
  • Does not seem to work if I prepend that to the search. Also if I only search for !__context__.hasModifierProperty("final") I can't find any match. – Niklas Nov 26 '15 at 10:28
  • Start with the existing template foreach loops.
  • Click Edit Variables... and select the Variable variable.
  • In the Script Constraints text field enter !__context__.hasModifierProperty("final").

Click OK and Find and you should get your desired result. See also the existing template static fields that are not final for an example.

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