I would like to pass two sets of ID’s into a route.

The first ID is that of the authenticated user so for example 3 and the second is that of a candidate.

So what I would like it to do is: vault/3/candidates/120

Here is the route I want to have:

Route::get('vault/{id}/candidates/{id}', 'CandidateController@centreCandidatesShow');


ublic function centreCandidatesShow($id)
    $candidate = Candidate::with('qualification')->find($id);

    return view('vault.show', compact('candidate'));

Could someone let me know if this is even possible and if so how?

I’m sorry if this question sounds stupid or is not even possible. I’m still very new to this.

Many thanks.



Route::get('vault/{userId}/candidates/{candidateId}', 'CandidateController@centreCandidatesShow');


public function centreCandidatesShow($userId, $canidateId)
    $candidate = Candidate::with('qualification')->find($canidateId);
    $user = User::find($userId);

    return view('vault.show', compact('candidate'));

Named routes

I highly recommend using named routes.

Route::get('vault/{userId}/candidates/{candidateId}', [
    'as' => 'candidates.show', 
    'uses' => 'CandidateController@centreCandidatesShow'

This will not only help you generate url's but also helps when passing parameters!


<a href="{{ route('candidates.show', $userId, $candidateId) }}">Link to candidate</a>

This will provide the link and pass in the parameters!

You can even redirect to a route from your controller!

return redirect()->route('candidates.show', $userId, $candidateId);


You can put whatver you want as route parameters. Anything inside curly brackets are considered a valid parameter. Another example would be:

Route::get('country/{country}/city/{city}/street/{street}/zip{zip}', 'AddressController@show');

In your AddressController@show you would accept these parameters, in order.

public function show($country, $city, $street, $zip) {..}

Docs: http://laravel.com/docs/5.1/routing#route-parameters

  • Thanks for the reply very insightful and helpful! :) – 0w3n86 Nov 26 '15 at 14:20
  • When using the route in the link, you should use an array, as the 2nd argument <a href="{{URL::route('admin-photo-delete', [$id, $photo->id] )}}">Delete Photo</a> – TharinduLucky Nov 27 '17 at 10:38

You need to put the ids in an array

Route::get('vault/{userId}/candidates/{candidateId}', [
    'as' => 'candidates.show', 
    'uses' => 'CandidateController@centreCandidatesShow'

<a href="{{ route('candidates.show', ['userId'=$userId, 'candidateId'=$candidateId]) }}">Link to candidate</a>

laravel 5 route passing two parameters


Export to Excel

  • Route::get('export-employee-column/{key}/{header}','EmployeeManager\EmployeeTableDetailController@exportEmployeeColumn')->name('exportEmployeeColumn'); <td><a href="{{route('exportEmployeeColumn',['personal_email_id','Personal Email'])}}" data-key="personal_email_id" data-header="Personal Email">Export to Excel</a></td> – kush May 10 at 7:19

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