I try to update my database after migration (V2 is the name of the migration) :

dnx ef database update V2 -c DataContext -p Infrastructure

I have an error because dnx try to execute all migrations et not just V2.

Applying migration '20151127095324_V1'
There is already an object named 'myEntity' in the database

Have u an idea why it try to apply V1 migration ?


  • I found the same if EF7 thinks V1 hasn't been run on the database, it seems to want to run it . Perhaps it thinks this is the case. In your database check for __EFMigrationsHistory table and see if V1 is there before you run it. – zoaz Nov 27 '15 at 14:11

Below should work

dnx ef database update -c DataContext -p Infrastructure

If not, please check if "migration history" table has an entry for migration "v1"

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