I want to show the value of a progress bar on the body along with the color.

I did try using the code below but couldn't succeed. Is there any way to show the percentage of progress on the body of the progress bar or progress tag/element.

<progress  max="100" value="26"></progress><br/>
<progress  max="100" value="26">26%</progress><br/>
<progress  max="100" value="26"><span>26%</span></progress>


You can add a pseudo element to each progress element and use the attr() CSS function to display the value attribute as the content of the pseudo element:

progress {
  text-align: center;
progress:after {
  content: attr(value)'%';
<progress max="100" value="26"></progress><br/>
<progress max="100" value="50"></progress><br/>
<progress max="100" value="73"><span></span></progress>

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    Plus 1 Great answer but it's not working on Firefox v42. – Anonymous Nov 27 '15 at 20:24
  • @AnonymousXD Interesting. Thanks for pointing that out. I wonder whether that's a bug, or just a feature that's not supported. I found this related question. – Josh Crozier Nov 27 '15 at 20:27
<progress id="progressBar" value="50" max="100" align="center" style="width:400px;"></progress>

progress#progressBar:before {
    display: inline;
    content: "%" attr(value);
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    ...not sure how this is any different from the answer that I posted two years ago... – Josh Crozier Mar 22 '17 at 21:57

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