I want to change the font size from one component to another component.
I have component - change-font-size.


And component - example-text.

<p class="special-text">some text</p>.

Component change-font-size does not see html DOM of example-text component.

Ember generated the DOM dynamically, and we don't have document.ready.

An example of what I need - http://ruseller.com/lessons/les748/demo.html


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Here is a working example

Ember and for that matter React you should not be manipulate the DOM directly.

What you need todo is setup your change-font-size component to pass down the font-size to the components nested components. The change-font-size would be the buttons to increase and decrease the font-size.


export default Ember.Component.extend({
  fontSize: 14,

  actions: {
    increaseFontSize() {
      return this.set('fontSize', this.get('fontSize') + 1);

    decreaseFontSize() {
      return this.set('fontSize', this.get('fontSize') - 1);


<button {{action 'increaseFontSize'}}> + </button>
<button {{action 'decreaseFontSize'}}> - </button>

{{yield fontSize}}


export default Ember.Component.extend({

  fontSize: 14,

  displayFontSize: Ember.computed('fontSize', function(){
    let newFontSize = parseInt(this.get('fontSize'), 10);
    return new Ember.Handlebars.SafeString(`font-size: ${newFontSize}px`);

  h3FontSize: Ember.computed('fontSize', function(){
    // keep the h3 font size 50% bigger.
    let newFontSize = parseInt(this.get('fontSize') * 1.5, 10);
    return new Ember.Handlebars.SafeString(`font-size: ${newFontSize}px`);

templates/components/example-text.hbs The Title some text.

Then uses the components this way. You want to pass the fontSize from the change-font-size component to the to any nested components.

{{#change-font-size as |fontSize|}}
    {{example-text fontSize=fontSize}}

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