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in my javascript program I have a function (not in my reach to edit) that returns a string or an array.

So I either have the output "one" or ["one", "two"]

I would like the output to alway be an array, so if it returns one string "one" I would like to have it as ["one"].

What is the most easy way to do this? (Preferably without an if)

I tried:

var arr = aFunction().split();

But when it does return an array, this won't work.

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As @Jaromanda X pointed out in the other answer you can use concat:

var result = [].concat(aFunction());


I don't think there is a way to do this without an if, so just check if the output is a String and, in case, add it to an empty array.

var result = myFn();
if (typeof result === 'string' || result instanceof String) {
    result = new Array(result);

use array concat function

var arr = [].concat(aFunction());
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Without "if" ;) (but internally the ternary operator is doing the if / else stuff)

var result = aFunction();
result = (typeof result == "string") ? [result] : result;

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