How do you implement the search capabilities of Lucene.net in asp.net? If possible, please include links or example code.

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I think mojoPortal (ASP.NET CMS) uses Lucene.NET.

Another nice example, cuyahoga, makes also use of NHibernate.

You can take a look at their source...

extra codeproject link


There is a excellent blog series here:

  1. Lucene.NET
  2. Introduction to Lucene
  3. Indexing basics
  4. Search basics
  5. Alternatives ( did you mean …)
  6. Faceted search / Drill down
  7. Class reference

I have also found another project called SimpleLucene which you can use to maintain your lucene indexes whenever you need to update or delete a document.

  • FYI to those coming across this Q&A: The latest release of Lucene.NET (3.0.3) was back in 2012 and all these links point to articles and resources that go back as far as 2009. – GrayDwarf Feb 28 '18 at 14:17
  • As of 2/28/2018, there is a beta version of Lucene.Net available that is up to version 4.8.0. You can also find many more supporting packages through NuGet. More info on the latest package here: nuget.org/packages/Lucene.Net – GrayDwarf Feb 28 '18 at 14:30

Be sure to check out LINQ to Lucene. It's not feature complete, but it does make getting started a lot easier: http://www.codeplex.com/linqtolucene

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