When a person types in a fraction like "1_1/4" in my application, I want to split into the three parts, whole number, numerator, and denominator.

How can this be done?

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    Eclipse is an IDE. What is the programming language you are using? – Saeid Nov 28 '15 at 21:36

Use char data type to hold the signs which are / and + .

char sign[3] = {/+};

and then store your input in some character.

char val[6] = {1_1/4};

And the main logic for it will be to start a loop and there would be another loop inside it and then use the if else condition accordingly and print out the respective answers like if / arrives after a number then that number is numerator. It can be done like this.

if(val[j] == sign[i]){
    then val[i-1] is numerator and val[i+1] is denominator

Also to get the whole number you can detect the _ statement and if it detects _ at the 2nd position then it means that your whole number lies at the first position. Hope it helps.


Split the input string on underscore and slash then retrieve the desired components from the array of tokens.

String input = "1_1/4";
String[] tokens = input.split("_|/");
String number      = tokens[0];
String numerator   = tokens[1];
String denominator = tokens[2];

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