With Entity Framework you can easily get data from the database doing something like this:

var allBooks = BookContext.Books;

So this code returns all books from the "Book" table.

But I'm getting a string back that tells me from what "table" I need the data from. So I have something like this:

public void GetData(string entity) // entity = "Book"
    // Get data using the "entity" string from BookContext
    BookContext.FromString(entity); // for exmaple

Is there a way to retrieve data from the BookContext using a string?

  • The possible duplicate applies to EF6, this question is about EF7. – Gert Arnold Nov 29 '15 at 14:39
  • @GertArnold That's true. But I think the answer also works for EF7. – Cheng Chen Nov 30 '15 at 2:21

A quick look to the source code of EF7 reveals that, in contrast to the previous versions, there isn't any Set(Type entityType) method in the DbContext class. There is only the it's generic version Set<TEntity>().

So I think, it isn't possible without using some obscure reflection. (Obscure because EF7 doesn't have any non-generic version of the DbSet class which makes working with the set obtained by the reflection quite difficult)

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