When using Android SDK with the gradle build system, one can include an android.aar file as a sub-project. Within the aar, one can supply a lint.jar that implements custom lint checks (Source).

When executing gradlew build within the project root on the command-line, my library.aar is exploded and the lint.jar within is used for the lint checks. Even when I update the lint.jar within the library.aar, it is updated in the lint cache and the new lint.jar is used for the checks when I call gradlew build again.

If I build the same project with the same gradle command from within Android Studio 1.5, the library.aar is only exploded once on Module Import or on the IDE Startup.

The lint.jar is never updated when I update the library.aar in my sub-project and the old lint.jar from the IDE startup is still in use.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Currently I work around it by executing the gradle commands on the command-line, but it would be nice if Android Studio would work in these cases too.

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