I have a requirement to find all not-null columns in a table. For example, my table is the below one

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Lets say, Column1, Column2 and Column3 have not-null constraints and Column4, Column5 and Column6 are of nullable types. Is there any query in Oracle that list the column names that are of not-null types, ie I need to get the column names Column1, Column2 and Column3.



I know there should be a simple way to achieve this, but am new to Oracle. Any help would be highly appreciated.


You can query the all_tab_columns table:

select column_name
from all_tab_columns
where table_name = 'TABLE1'
and nullable = 'N';
  • Thank you. That works perfectly :) – Sarath Avanavu Dec 1 '15 at 16:24

I know there should be a simple way to achieve this, but am new to Oracle.

Well, online documentation is exactly what you need to look into.

Depending on the privilege, you need to look into [DBA|USER|ALL]_TAB_COLUMNS.


Column      Datatype        Description
NULLABLE    VARCHAR2(1)     Indicates whether a column allows NULLs. 
                            The value is N if there is a NOT NULL constraint
                            on the column or if the column is part of a PRIMARY KEY. 
                            The constraint should be in an ENABLE VALIDATE state.

So, per the documentation, you need to use the filter:


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