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General Information
App hub - central place for windows phone/xbox development tools/tutorials/info
Windows Phone Home
Windows Phone Team blog
Programming Guide
Class Library Reference
Microsoft Patterns & Practices: Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide

Den by default: Windows Phone 7
.NET Zone: Windows Phone 7
Shawn Wildermuth: Windows Phone 7
Jeff Blankenburg: 31 Days of Windows Phone

Building a Windows Phone 7 Puzzle Game
Windows Phone 7 View Model Style Video Player
Perst - a database for Windows Phone 7 Silverlight
Understanding the Windows Phone Application Execution Model, Tombstoning, Launcher and Choosers:
(part1) (part2) (part3)
Performance Tips when creating WP7 apps
Windows Phone 7 Live Tile Schedules – How to execute instant Live Tile updates
Tips to get your Application in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace ASAP
Checking for Network connectivity in Windows Phone 7 SDK
Windows Phone 7.1: a Quick Start
A Simple Multi-Page Windows Phone 7 Phonegap Example

Programming Windows Phone 7
Professional Windows Phone 7 Application Development
Pro Windows Phone 7 Development
Beginning Windows Phone 7 Development
Learning Windows Phone Programming
Windows Phone 7 Game Development
Windows Phone 7 Application Development
101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume I: Developing Apps 1-50
101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume II: Developing Apps 51-101 (Fall 2011)

Charlie Kindel on Windows Phone 7
Daniel Egan talks Windows Phone 7 Live at Launch
Windows Phone 7 Series - The Developer Experience with Charlie Kindel
Charles Petzold on Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Jump Start sessions
Colin Melia on Windows Phone 7
Channel9 Content for WIndows Phone

Developer Tools
8 Must-Have Tools for Windows Phone 7 Development
Windows Phone Developer Tools RTW
EQATEC Profiler for Windows Phone 7
BugSense, bug tracking for Windows Phone 7

OpenNETCF.IoC Framework
Autofac for WP7
Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
MVVM Light Toolkit
Columbus: Windows Phone 7 MVC framework
Windows Phone MVP
Caliburn.Micro - MVVM framework strongly based on conventions

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Windows Phone 7 Jumpstart Training

Training (Video and PDF) includes:

  1. An Introduction to the Windows Phone Platform
  2. Game Building on the Windows Phone Platform
  3. Advanced Windows Phone Development
  4. Selling Your Windows Phone Solutions & Wrap Up

The .NET REST client RestSharp supports Windows Phone 7. It really simplifies using web services and deserializing the response.


Windows Phone Dev Podcast!!! Don't forget that one! They let you know the latest about the Windows Phone AND they talk to developers (like the guy who made Evernote) about how they made their apps.


Here is some information about framework that I had recently published: http://columbus.codeplex.com/

Columbus is MVC framework designed specifically for the Windows Phone 7 platform and supports:

  • Strongly typed navigation with history
  • View Models that can survive tombstoning
  • Asynchronous and cancelable controller actions with execution progress
  • Commands (CAB style)
  • Multiple navigation frames
  • Features to help applications to be complaint with 'Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements'
  • Easy integration with IoC containers available on the Windows Phone 7 platform (source code solution contains samples demonstrating how to use Columbus with Autofac and Ninject).
  • Simplified and testable usage of Choosers

Here is another good intro into phone specific features of silverlight: Andrea Boschin on WP7




this has excellent in depth video tutorials to get you started.


There are few excellent tutorial sets for beginners.

  1. Video series from Bob Tabor for absolute beginners These videos are excellent and easy to follow.
  2. Once you have started and need help on specific topics consider searching on GeekChamp
  3. When you are in a position to publish apps and fine tune things then the blog series by Jeff Blankenburg is quite useful.

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