I have set input type to be numberdecimal but also want to populate the editText with a "-" programmatically. I can add the text but then I am unable to edit the text as it doesn't confirm to the number decimal format. Any idea on how I can say inputtype is numberdecimal but a "-" can be allowed?

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I was able to achieve this behavior by setting digits xml attribute as follows:


Setting it up programatically (Set EditText Digits Programmatically):


I managed to do that with:


I found a very easy solution:

editText.setKeyListener(new DigitsKeyListener(true, true));    

The first true is for whether is signed input, the second true is for decimal.
Hope that helps

  • Gustavo, bemace, sorry for not being clear. I am talking about the hyphen inbetween numbers. something like 1-800-555555 and not the sign at front of the number. Commented Jul 19, 2011 at 16:27

You will have to write your own KeyListener. You could start by downloading the source of the NumberKeyListener and take it from there.



I am having one solution, which may helps you:

Suppose, You want to enter 2-3 numbers with "-" sign for e.g. 203-304-405.23-232.45,

then Allow user to enter this in EditText without setting any attributes. and then you can Separate each numbers with "split()" function , but be sure that there should be any separator sign in between the tokens.


 String tokens[];
 strInput = edittext1.getText.toString();
 tokens = strInput.split(",");

then you can work with each tokens separately as tokens[0], tokens[1], for example:

num1 = tokens[0];
num2 = tokens[1];

Hope this helps you.


  • Thanks Paresh for your insights... You are talking about post processing of the text entered by the user but unfortunately I cannot allow user to enter anything in EditText other than numbers. InputType has to be fixed to decimal :( Commented Aug 4, 2010 at 5:47

In my case, I just created a simple class that allows numbers and hyphen only.

private static class myFilter implements InputFilter {
    public CharSequence filter(CharSequence source, int start, int end,
                               Spanned dest, int dstart, int dend) {
        // Allow digits and hyphen in the input
        String filters = "0123456789-";

        StringBuilder filteredStringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
        for (int i = start; i < end; i++) {
            char currentChar = source.charAt(i);
            if (filters.contains(String.valueOf(currentChar))) {

        return filteredStringBuilder.toString();

Then in the ActivityClass, to add filter to the EditText:

    EditText _eText;
    _eText = findViewById(R.id.editText);
    _eText.setFilters(new InputFilter[]{new myFilter()});

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