Is there any way to disable or opt-out of the automatic addition of new files for ASP.NET 5 in Visual Studio 2015?

Our software development shop has a single user checkout policy in place, where developers can only check out files one at a time. This is causing issues with ASP.NET 5, as any generated files are automatically being added to the project in Visual Studio 2015, which in turn are causing them to be added to TFS. This causes one developer to block another, as they cannot build and generate the same output files.

For example, Typescript files are being compiled and copied to folders under wwwroot. The first developer that does this causes Visual Studio 2015 to add those files to the solution, which in turn causes them to be added to TFS. The next developer then can't build because these files are currently checked out to another developer.

We have been able to temporarily prevent this by cloaking the wwwroot folder in TFS. However, we would not want to have every developer have to remember to do this. Plus we have to decloak wwwroot to make code changes to web.config, for example, and then have to re-cloak it afterwards. And then developers have to decloak to get the latest version of the changes to this file, then re-cloak afterwards.

We would rather explicitly choose to add a file to the project in Visual Studio 2015, so generated files aren't automatically added to the project.

We also cannot change the TFS checkout policy to allow multi-user checkouts. If we could set a multi-user checkout policy at a folder level in Source Control Explorer in TFS 2010, that might solve some of these problems as well. But TFS 2010 doesn't allow this.

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    Move to git. Seriously. – user1010 Dec 2 '15 at 7:15
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    "Our software development shop has a single user checkout policy in place, where developers can only check out files one at a time." - really?! It's 2015 and you're not restricted to Visual Source Safe any more! The policy needs changing to keep up to date with modern team development. – WestDiscGolf Dec 2 '15 at 9:31
  • "Our software development shop has a single user checkout policy in place, where developers can only check out files one at a time" It's time people stop being afraid of merging. – Dustin Davis Dec 2 '15 at 16:43
  • We are looking for a reasonable solution that can be implemented in our current environment. Changing policy or source control is far beyond what we can do at this time. – Jeff Dec 2 '15 at 17:25
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    Extremely annoying for bower_components or grunt tasks that build local files in the wwwroot folder. Using .tfignore (with Local workspace) doesn't work on these projects and when I've tried to use cloaking I receive a modal error dialog Error - {x} error encountered attempting to perform the add operation on x item(s) First error encountered: The item '{filename}' has been cloaked. See output tool window for information on any other errors. – Simon Gregory Feb 3 '16 at 13:25

I believe this is one of those situations where you're fighting against a tool/process instead of just "going with the flow". Either you need to reform your checkin/checkout process to conform to the new ASP.NET 5 methodologies (including the new xproj format) or you need to stick to older technology that supports your process.


This is especially horrible in a web application. Where a site under test is adding files to a WWW root folder that is under version control. It means the .JSON file entries have to have a hard coded path outside the www root so that TFS does not pick them up or special code has to be written for the test case.

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