i am new in jquery and ajax. I am really cant figured it out how can i show the array result send from the controller from json_encode. Below is the code in controller:


            $totaldata['data'] = array('totalscore' =>$totalscore,'totalwicket' =>$totalwicket,'totalover' =>$totalover,'totalextra' =>$totalextra);



               url: 'xxxxxxxxx',
               type : 'POST',
                        xxxx : arrayValue,
                        id    : matchid,
               success: function(dataone){

                    //setTimeout(function() {location.reload() },3000);

Problem I want to get each array value to be placed in a input field in view ...which i couldnt figured out still how it gonna work. Please any help will be appreciated. Thank You

  • could you please post associated HTML too..?
    – vijayP
    Dec 2, 2015 at 4:31

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Tell me if this worked for you.

success: function(dataone){
                  var parsedJson = $.parseJSON(dataone);
                  var totalscore = parsedJson.totalscore;
                  var totalwicket = parsedJson.totalwicket

If the response is in the form of string then you need to parse it using JSON.parse else you can read keys from object(dataone)

Try this:

if (typeOf dataone === 'string') {
  myData = JSON.parse(dataone)['data'];
} else {
  myData = dataone['data'];
var totalscore = myData['totalscore'];;
var totalwicket = myData['totalwicket'];
var totalover = myData['totalover'];
var totalextra = myData['totalextra'];

You can do this:

    success: function(dataone){
              var json_response= eval('('+response+')');
              var totalscore =json_response.totalscore
              var totalwicket =json_response.totalwicket
              var totalover = json_response.totalover
              var totalextra = json_response.totalextra

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