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I did these steps successfully:

  • install node.js and the version is 4.0
  • brew install watchman
  • brew install flow
  • the version of OS X Yosemite is 10.10.5
  • the version of Xcode is 6.4
  • npm install -g react-native-cli
  • react-native init HelloWorld

In the end, I run the HelloWorld.xcodeproj,and it build failed like the picture above. can you help me to solve this problem, thx


It looks like you're opening the HelloWorld project folder and not the Xcode project. If you're using a terminal do this:

cd HelloWorld/ios
open HelloWorld.xcodeproj

or navigate to the ios folder in your HelloWorld application in finder and double click on the xcode project to open it in the right directory.

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