Can anybody help me to create JPA Criteria Builder query in order to achieve this ?:

select id from (
  select distinct r.id
  from report r
  inner join unit u
        on u.report_id = r.id
  order by 
        r.date desc,
        r.name asc)
where rownum <= 10    

I just can create inner query:

CriteriaQuery<Object[]> innerQuery = cb.createQuery(Object[].class);
Root<ReportEntity> root = innerQuery.from(ReportEntity.class);

List<Ojbect[]> resultLsit = em.createQuery(


Thx in advance :)
I've decided to get List of Object[] and then retrieve id from array List idList = resultList.stream().map(array -> (Long)array[0]).collect(Collectors.toList()); This is code smell, but unfortunatelly I haven't found better solution. Note I use this approach to cope Hibernate issue :

"Warning “firstResult/maxResults specified with collection fetch; applying in memory!”? - this warning pops up due to using fetch and setMaxResults in hql or criteria query. That's why first of all I get all id, and then I find all entities according this id. (select * from ReportEntity r where r.id in :idList) - smth like this.

  • JPQL does NOT support/allow subqueries in the FROM clause. All that your outer query is seemingly doing is restricting the range of the query, and JPQL provides firstResult/maxResults for that. So what is the issue with your criteria provided? – Neil Stockton Dec 2 '15 at 11:46
  • so if hibernate doesn't support handling maxResults/firstResult in the query for that database then you use a NATIVE query – Neil Stockton Dec 2 '15 at 16:10
  • You are right, but I create Criteria Builder query, cause I have search page with filters – idmitriev Dec 2 '15 at 20:13

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