I have been trying to implement masonry and infinite scroll for a few weeks now but I just can't get it to work properly.

I have used this script: https://gist.github.com/kunalnagar/8232647

My code can be seen here: http://pastebin.com/d6YPupNz

I have called both Masonry and ImagesLoaded in the header:

  <script src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/masonry.pkgd.min.js"></script>

  <script src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/js/imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js"></script>

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong? I'm new to developing and at a complete loss now.

Many thanks

  • Can't you provide an url to the website? I need some more information to figure out what's the cause... – Erik van de Ven Dec 2 '15 at 11:47
  • Unfortunately it's being developed locally, otherwise I would have shared the link right away. I think I've given up now and trying another approach using JScroll. I have masonry working on all posts using this method. – Jaffa Dec 2 '15 at 13:04

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