We are developing a restful API that fulfills some various events. We have done a Nessus vulnerability scan to see security leaks. It turned out that we have some leaks leads to clickjacking and we have found the solution. I have added x-frame-options as SAMEORIGINin order to handle problems.

My question here is that, since I am an API, do I need to handle clickjacking? I guess 3rd party user should be able to reach my API over an iframe and I don't need to handle this.

Do I miss something? Could you please share your ideas?


Edit 2019-10-07: @Taytay's PR has been merged, so the OWASP recommendation now says that the server should send an X-Frame-Options header.

Original answer:

OWASP recommends that clients send an X-Frame-Options header, but makes no mention of the API itself.

I see no scenario where it makes any sense for the API to return clickjacking security headers - there is nothing to be clicked in an iframe!

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    I believe this is a typo because X-Frame-Options is a response header, not a client header. I've submitted a pull request to the OWASP cheatsheet repo to fix the recommendation. – Taytay Aug 6 at 13:49

OWASP recommends that not only do you send an X-Frame-Options header but that it is set to DENY.

These are recommendations not for a web site but for a REST service.

The scenario where it makes sense to do this is exactly the one the OP mentioned - running a vulnerability scan.

If you do not return a correct X-Frame-Options header the scan will fail. This matters when proving to customers that your endpoint is safe.

It is much easier to provide your customer a passing report than have to argue why a missing header does not matter.

Adding a X-Frame-Options header should not affect the endpoint consumer as it is not a browser with an iframe.

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    The linked article section says "Additionally the client should send an X-Frame-Options: deny". The client. Not the server. – nickspoon Dec 12 '17 at 2:42
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    @nickspoon I think there's a typo in the OWASP article since X-Frame-Options is a response header. – Chopin Jul 27 '18 at 0:30
  • You're right. After your comment I tried contacting OWASP in various ways (before they moved to github) but never received any response. @Taytay has now successfully had the article updated so I've updated my answer – nickspoon Aug 7 at 0:41

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