var store = new Ext.data.JsonStore({
    url: 'data.php',  
    fields:[{ name:'jfields' },
            { name:'firstyear' , mapping :'firstyear' , type:'float' },
            { name:'secondyear', mapping :'secondyear',    type:'float' },
            { name:'thirdyear' , mapping :'thirdyear' , type:'float' },
            { name:'fourthyear', mapping :'fourthyear',    type:'float' },
            { name:'fifthyear' , mapping :'fifthyear' ,    type:'float' } ]


What I want is to add data at the end for this store , but I am totally confused , what I did is I add the following code to it but not working.

listeners: {
    load : function(){

But I do not think my concept are cleared ,Please any body show some way how to do it .

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You need to define a record type, create it and at it, e.g:

TaskLocation = Ext.data.Record.create([
    {name: "id", type: "string"},
    {name: "type", type: "string"},
    {name: "type_data", type: "string"},
    {name: "display_value", type: "string"}


var record = new TaskLocation({
    id: Ext.id(),
    type: "city",
    type_data: "",
    display_value: "Brighton"



Remember by the time the data is in the store it's not in the same format as you sent it down but in Record objects instead.

  • thanyou very much LIoyd , also i have figure out a way i am adding my answer too ,Once again Thankyou very much Aug 4, 2010 at 16:59

See the recordType property in the JsonStore. It's a function that can be used as a record constructor for the store in question. Use it like this:

var newRecord = new myStore.recordType(recordData, recordId);

I have also figured out a simple solution to this:

listeners: {
    load: function( xstore ,  record , option ) {
        var u = new xstore.recordType({  jfields : 'monthly'  });
        xstore.insert(record.length, u);

Here what I have to add is this listeners as when the data loads it will create the record type and u can add fields as data as many as u want

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