I'm trying to send some data over TCP connection from my TCP client for Firefox OS. Initially I started with filling loginBytes with the data which should help me to login to the service specified by ip and port (array's size is 28 bytes), now I'm trying to send an empty array. In any case the outcome is the same: in console log of Firefox Web IDE I can see the following message: uncaught exception: out of memory. And among the messages I tried to use for debugging only "Started sending data" is printed. So I come to a conclusion that the failure takes place during the execution of the send command. But what can be wrong with it?

(function() {
    var sendButton = document.querySelector('#send');
    var notes = document.querySelector('#notes');
    var options = {binaryType: 'arraybuffer'};
    var socket = navigator.mozTCPSocket.open(ip, port, options);

    sendButton.addEventListener('click', function() {                           
        var loginBytes = [];
        var Int8View = new Uint8Array(loginBytes);      
        socket.ondata = function(event) {
            console.log("Started receiving data");
            console.log("Received successfully");
        socket.onerror = function(event) {
            console.log("Everything is bad");
        console.log("Started sending data");
        console.log("Sent successfully");                                   

I think

var Int8View = new Uint8Array(loginBytes)

needs to be changed to:

var Int8View = new Uint8Array(loginBytes).buffer

Uint8Array by itself does not return an ArrayBuffer object.

  • It helped to avoid the exception but once again leads to no response from server (so the behaviour looks in the same way as I described in stackoverflow.com/questions/33982752/…). Have you any idea what else could be wrong? – mik Dec 15 '15 at 1:28
  • Nevermind, I found what caused my problem. I used version 2.2 of Firefox OS simulator but here people say that I need version > 2.2. In Firefox Nightly Build there is version 2.6. Just tried it and it worked! – mik Dec 15 '15 at 1:51

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