I use jQuery File Upload Basic Plus Ui for a multiple upload files. I need to display error messages in multiples languages (English, French and Spanish) but I don’t know how to create

messages: {
      maxNumberOfFiles: 'Maximum number of files exceeded',
      acceptFileTypes: 'File type not allowed'
      maxFileSize: 'File is too large',
      minFileSize: 'File is too smal

in multiple languages and how to declare the language for

file.error = settings.i18n('acceptFileTypes');

With the demo version, the errors messages are displayed ok.


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Here is how to instanciate fileupload plugin :

$(document).ready(function() {
     url: 'yoururl',
     acceptFileTypes: exttensionsRegex, 
     maxFileSize: yourmaxsize ,
     maxTotalFileSize: totalsize, 
     maxNumberOfFiles: numberoffiles , 
     messages: {
        maxNumberOfFiles: 'yourText',   
        acceptFileTypes: 'yourText' ,   
        maxFileSize:  'yourText',
        minFileSize:  'yourText'

If this javascript is generated by your server side code, then you can use the internationalization API to get the right messages and put them in place of yourText

As for :

file.error = settings.i18n('acceptFileTypes');

Actually you don't need to do anything, let it how it is and it would work.

I hope it can help

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