When trying to import a solution I get the following error:

processtrigger With Id = [Guid] Does Not Exist

The import does not succeed. The same solution has previously been imported to the same environment without issues.

This might have started happening after installing Update 0.2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. I am thus running CRM 7.0.2.


This is a known issue with importing entities with business rules after installing Update 0.2.

A temporary fix is to delete business rules from the target environment (every time) before importing.

It appears that Microsoft is working on a solution:

[...] product team is working on it and has decided to release the fix as part of Update 0.3.


Until this issue has been fixed you can remove all references to business rules/workflows from the solution before attempting to import it. This will result in the import succeeding (though any changes to business rules/workflows will of course not be imported):

  1. Edit customizations.xml
  2. Remove all <Workflow></Workflow> element nodes (alternatively remove only the nodes related to the error).
  3. Import the solution to the target environment.

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