I am trying to receive a data structure contains sensor_msgs::Image as data member as declared by me in frame.msg

std_msgs/Header header
sensor_msgs/Image color
geometry_msgs/Vector3 translation

However the callback function below gives a compilation error of " no matching function for call to ‘toCvShare(const _color_type&, const char [5])"

void frameCallback( frame_info::frameConstPtr& msg)

    cv::imshow("UserInterface", cv_bridge::toCvShare(msg->color, "bgr8")->image);

What could be the problem?


According to the documentation there are two variants of toCvShare from which one needs

A shared_ptr to an object owning the sensor_msgs::Image

and the other

A shared_ptr to a sensor_msgs::Image message

You are providing neither one nor the other.

In your case, the first option should work, which expects the image as first parameter and the shared_ptr to the object owning the image (which is msg) as second parameter:

cv_bridge::toCvShare(msg->color, msg, "bgr8")

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