I'm having a big problem. I have WordPress super cache and I installed a plugin call minify. Add to use my back up, then I took off minify, but WordPress super cache is not caching now. It gave me this message:

Fetching http://mmolist.com/ to prime cache: OK

Fetching first copy of http://mmolist.com/: OK (1.html)

Fetching second copy of httpLINK ABOVE: OK (2.html)

The pages do not match! Timestamps differ or were not found!

I tried 775 and 777 in the folder, but no luck.


First and foremost, you can't use minify with WP Super Cache whatsoever. If you do, you will get that message. Even if you use a CDN and enable minify there you will continue to get that message. I was experiencing that issue as well and the minify in the CDN was my culprit so I had to disable it. Here is an article on how to do it https://www.msgdigital.com/wp-super-cache-tester-pages-not-match-fix/

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