Having a Spark cluster running a certain application, I would like to use an Akka actor to stream data from within each of the Spark nodes in the cluster. That is: the nodes are processing data in some way, and in parallel the actor is sending some other data within the node to an external process.

Now, these are the possible options:

  1. Just create the ActorRef through a regular ActorSystem: not possible as the ActorSystem instance is not Serializable and it will fail at runtime
  2. Use the Spark internal ActorSystem to create the actor: not a good option since Spark 1.4 as Spark.get.ActorSystem is deprecated

So what is the best way for the Spark nodes to instantiate a given actor if the options above are not valid? is it possible at all?

This question is somewhat related to this one although formulated on a wider scope

Note: I know I could somehow use Spark streaming for this scenario, but at the moment I would like to explore the feasibility of a pure Akka option


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