How do I open and read a text file and compute the frequencies of prepositions (already specified in a tuple) and create a dictionary with the key the preposition and the value the frequencies.

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I hope I understood your question correctly.

Here's a simple way to open and read text files:

file = open("filename", 'r') #'r' means read mode
content = file.read() #content is a string of the entire text file
content = content.lower() #assuming your tuple of prepositions are lower case
words = content.split() #splits content into list of word separated by space
file.close() #closes the file after you already have the contents

Now just trace through your tuple of prepositions:

#Let's call your tuple preps
freq = []*len(preps)
for i in range(len(preps)):
    freq[i] = words.count(preps[i])

Now to write your key:

key = file.open("filename", 'w') #'w' means write mode
key.write("\n".join([prep[i] + " " + str(freq[i]) for i in range(len(prep))]))

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