Let say I have a series s

index_column    size
A               1
B               2
C               3
D               4

I want to add a new column contains a function f

def f(index_column):
    % do something
    return string

so that

index_column    size    function(index_column)
A               1       f(A)
B               2       f(B)
C               3       f(C)
D               4       f(D)

is it possible in Series or do I need to do that in Dataframe ?

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    If you want to have another column, you must use a DataFrame. A Series is just that, a one dimensional vector of same typed data. If you were to turn your Series into a DataFrame (which is very easy to do, and many answers are available), you can simply call .map() or .apply() and get what you need. So your code will look like df['function(index_column)'] = df.index.map(f)
    – Kartik
    Commented Dec 4, 2015 at 4:37

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Here is one way to do it with a DataFrame:

import pandas as pd

def app_Z(s):
    """Append 'Z' onto column data"""
    return s+'Z'

# recreate the series
s = pd.Series(data=[1,2,3,4], index=['A','B','C','D'], name='Size')

# create DataFrame and apply function to column 'Index'
df = pd.DataFrame(s)
df.columns = ['Index', 'Size']
df['Func'] = df['Index'].apply(app_Z)
df.set_index('Index', drop=True, inplace=True)

       Size Func 
A         1   AZ
B         2   BZ
C         3   CZ
D         4   DZ

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