In my app has a Apple Health feature, it is optional and will work only if running on iOS 8.0 and above. But I want to support iOS 7.1, the Apple Health feature will not work in those device. I can create ipa file and send to Itunes Connect, but it show error:

ERROR ITMS-90098: "This bundle is invalid. The key UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities contains value 'healthkit' which is incompatible with the MinimumOSVersion value of '7.1'."

How to make it support iOS 7.1 minimum? I see some app from Azumio and Runstatics, it is support iOS 7.1 and has Apple Health support for iOS 8.0 and above.


You'll need to remove healthkit from the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities array in your app's Info.plist and set the deployment SDK to iOS 7.1.

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