How can i initialize the MPAndroidChart when there is no data. When the activity start, it display the message that there is no data. I want to show a grid layout with valid X-axis and Y-axis range and axis, labels and also back ground grid lines. I just migrated from another "Graph` libraries. Whenever the activity started, it display the a valid graph grid layout.


Example empty LineChart:

YAxis yAxis = chart.getAxisLeft();

LineData data = new LineData(xValuesArray); // use your valid x-values array here

This should display an empty (no data) line-chart with a fully valid x- and y-axis.

  • I used your simple code for initialization and late on Button Click, I displayed my data using Asycn Task. First of all how I can show the X and Y-axis labels and also i am attaching one picture. The X-axis are always cut and not showing the full. [IMG]i67.tinypic.com/29oofp0.jpg[/IMG] – Saad Saadi Dec 7 '15 at 1:28
  • also is there any way, by which i can set the X and Yaxis scale partition? LIke only 5 partition. – Saad Saadi Dec 7 '15 at 1:40
  • I have a data who has 700 X-axis value but i was to show only 100, 200, 300, 400...700 on my X-axis. Is this possible? – Saad Saadi Dec 7 '15 at 2:27
  • also, if you've already set chart, you can use empty constructor for LineData(); Nice work @philipp-jahoda – Blejzer May 8 '18 at 7:55

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