I have a class ExampleSim which inherets from base class Physics:

class Physics(object):
    arg1 = 'arg1'
    def physics_method:
        print 'physics_method'

class ExampleSim(Physics):
    print 'example physics sim'

Imagine these classes containing lots of code. Now i have made some modifications to Physics by defining a new class PhysicsMod and inheriting from Physics:

class PhysicsMod(Physics):
    arg1 = 'modified arg1'

but also to ExampleSim for which i created a new class ExampleSimMod and inherited from ExampleSim:

class ExampleSimMod(ExampleSim):
    print 'modified example sim'

My issue is that ExampleSimMod inherits from ExampleSim which inherits from Physics where i would like to have it inherit from PhysicsMod instead. Is there a way to do this? perhaps through super() or by multiple inheritance?

class ExampleSimMod(ExampleSim, PhysicsMod):
    print 'modified example sim'

Yes, you can do multiple inheritance.

class Physics(object):
    def physics_method(self):
        print 'physics'

class ExampleSim(Physics):
    def physics_method(self):
        print 'example sim'

class PhysicsMod(Physics):
    def physics_method(self):
        print 'physics mod'

class ExampleSimMod(PhysicsMod, ExampleSim):

e = ExampleSimMod()
// output will be:
// physics mod

please note the order of class in ExampleSimMod matters. The's a great article about this.

I modified your code a bit for demonstration reason. Hope my answer can help you!

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