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This is a question that has been asked several times before, but none of the answers I have found seem to work in my case. I have 3 buttons and I am trying to evaluate their width as follows:

.num-buttons-3 {
    width: calc((100% - 40px)/3);

This always evaluates in my browser (Chrome) as 20%, which is (100% - 40%)/3.

I have tried numerous suggested alternatives to get this to evaluate correctly, such as:

.num-buttons-3 {
   width: calc((~'100% - 40px')/3);

.num-buttons-3 {
@marg: 40px;
width: calc((~'100% - @{marg}')/3);

Is therer another CSS or LESS solution I can try?

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Found an answer on this. Escaping the entire calc function is an option that seems to work:

width: ~"calc(((100% - 40px)/3))";
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    width: calc(~'(100% - 40px)/3'); would be enough. – seven-phases-max Dec 4 '15 at 12:46

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