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How can I run java class file using a script file in Linux at boot time?

I have some java class file .I want that file should run at boot time when machine restart.I want to write a Script file that run those of my java classes at machine startup.

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  • How this question is duplicate. I dnt find any answer on these. I am not asking about "How to run Script at startup". My question is to run java class file using script . – ABHISHEK_SiNGH Dec 7 '15 at 4:20

What linux distro are you using?

If you use Ubuntu then you can take a look at the upstart deamon which handles the task of starting processes during boot.

In general you create a script under /etc/init.d, described in detail here

Since i only created bash scripts there and i dont know much about Java this link might be helpful

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