I trying to find a way to save a remote image with a headless browser (like PhantomJs using poltergeist) on ruby.

I dont need to save image using "net::http", or "uri.parse open".

I'm looking just saving an image with a headless browser on ruby.

I looked all over the web and also asked on irc chat but there is no one who knows to save an image with headless browser on rails.

Thanks in advance.

  • It can't be done directly unless the driver supports it (which it probably doesn't) Dec 5, 2015 at 1:16

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You may save part of webpage with poltergeist which is extension on top of phantomjs.

From poltergeist documentation:

save_screenshot('/path/to/file.png', :selector => '#id')

However, poltergeist is supposed to work under capybara, not sure if you can adopt it for your use (your tags says you know about poltergeist).

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