I am using RazorGenerator.Templating v2.3.11 for email templates. And Razor Generator plugin v1.9.1 - utilizing the TemplateTransformer. https://www.nuget.org/packages/RazorGenerator.Templating

I use this to create Email templates which then generates emails on demands given user and system content. I need to html encode the user content.

I've discovered that unlike MVC Razor views, the TemplateTransformer does not automatically encode user content. This is obviously a massive security issue, since I'm sending out non-sanitized content via email.

What is the best way to accomplish this, given that I am not referencing MVC, or System.Web, or anything like that?


Because RazorGenerator does not seem to have a canned solution for encoding in the TemplateTransformer, and since the other transformers are only for if you are using MVC or WebForms:

I ended up just manually running System.Net.HttpUtility.HtmlEncode on any content that could potentially be exploited. It was easy enough to do right in Razor.

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