After installing Xamarin studio and Xamarin android player along with Oracle VirtualBox. I have created demo code and installed Nexus 4 (kitkat) virtual device in Android player but after running application Xamarin Android player gets started but got following window with error.

enter image description here

  • Open the VirtualBox Manager and try to start it from there... – SushiHangover Dec 4 '15 at 20:36

This worked for me:

Network Connections -> Right click VirtualBox Host-Only Network -> Properties -> Enable (or Disable then Enable) "VirtualBox NDIS6 Bridged Networking Driver"


I found another question similar to the current question. see it Here

If you are using windows 10 then you need to have latest version of virtual box installed. you can get it from Virtual Box Downloads page.

I hope it helps.

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