I'm trying to add a subview to my NSSplitView, so that my vertical split view goes from


view A (height = 100)




view A (height = 50)
view B (height = 50)


I thought this would be straightforward, but neither view's heights are changing after adding a new subview to the split view.

Here's what I am doing to add view B as a subview:

splitView?.addSubview(NSView(frame: NSRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 150, height: 100)))

This causes splitViewDidResizeSubviews to be called, but both view heights remain at 100 and overlap each other with no divider shown.

I uploaded a sample project showing the issue: https://duke.box.com/s/f50y2pjjbf3ib0y60c7yr5h3p3nicok7

Thanks for your help

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Ugh, so there's a checkbox in IB for the NSSplitView called 'Arranges All Subviews' which was introduced in OS X 10.11. After checking this my views are sizing correctly.

OS X 10.11 also introduced the addArrangedSubview and insertArrangedSubview:atIndex methods

Extremely annoying since this doesn't even seem to be listed in the NSSplitView docs.

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    That is annoying. Did you file a bug report on the missing documentation?
    – Taylor
    Commented Dec 7, 2015 at 16:44

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