trait A<'self_>: 'self_ {
    type I;
trait AMut
        Self: for<'self_> A<'self_>,    
        for<'self_> <Self as A<'self_>>::I: 'static
    fn mutate_self(&mut self);      

fn foo<X>(x: &mut X)
        X: 'static + for<'a> A<'a> + AMut,
        for<'a> <X as A<'a>>::I: 'static

fn main() {}

playpen link

This errors out with

<anon>:17:7: 17:20 error: the requirement `for<'self_> <X as A<'self_>>::I : 'static` is not satisfied [E0280]
<anon>:17     x.mutate_self();
error: aborting due to previous error
playpen: application terminated with error code 101

I would've thought that the bound on line 15 would satisfy the bound on line 7. What am I missing?

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