I'm having the following problem: I have a model called Chat that needs to be updated to Conversation (only for mnemonic issues). The generated file still remains Chat although I've changed your name on the xcdatamodel file.

Given this I've decided to go back and: "Well, leave it as is and use Chat again", but when I'm trying to do some operation over the Chat model like:

Chat * chat = [Chat MR_findFirstByAttribute:@"cId" withValue:convId];

The app crashes saying:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'executeFetchRequest:error: A fetch request must have an entity.'

I'm assuming an internal error with the entity name of the regarding NSManagedObject that makes the app crash.

I've tried deleting the Chat and Chat+CoreDataProperties files and generating the new ones with the correct name (Conversation), and I've also found that a reference to Chat name has exists into the xcdatamodel (I've opened it as source file) under the key

<entity name="Conversation" representedClassName="Chat" syncable="YES">

When I change it to Conversation the behaviour is the same again.

Any help is appreciated to solve it

  • Although I am a linguist specializing in ancient and artificial languages, I cannot comprehend the first two paragraphs of your question. You are using nouns and verbs out of context. Is this perhaps a machine translation? – Mundi Dec 6 '15 at 12:54

The MagicalRecord framework assumes that class names and entity names are the same. You can either

  • Use the new entity name by changing all references to "Chat" to "Conversation", which can be accomplished with a simple global text replace.

  • Abandon MagicalRecord and use your own Core Data stack. Then you can fiddle as much as you like with non-standard patterns of model, entity and class names.

In general, if you opt to use a third party framework, you will have to adapt your habits to its requirements. This particular requirement was not obvious, but from your error it is evident, that incongruent entity/class names lead to problems.

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