When I pull up the history of the file I can compare that version with another version listed in the history by selecting both and doing a "Compare", or I can compare a historical version and it's changes wrt to it's previous version by selecting "Compare to Previous".

However I cannot find a command that will let me compare a historical version in the history list to the currently edited version on disk. Does anyone know what this command is called so I can hook it into the context menu please?

This was one of the best features of TFSVC and I'm hoping it's somewhere deep in the bowels of the GIT support in VS2015.

Edit: since there is no official solution: I've created a User Voice item as suggested by @Patrick-MSFT



This is not supported now.

You can vote the User Voice here:


In Vs, you can only compare your currently edited version with the unmodified status.

enter image description here


Besides voting on UserVoice (I've done) you can use this way with VS 2017: Git and Visual Studio 2017 part 13 : Compare your items in VS

Go to Team Explorer | Changes | Actions and View History, then select the last Push and the historical commit that you need to compare and select "Compare committs.."

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