I'm a newbie to beego trying to get a JSON response on a route.

I have a controller defined as such.

package controllers

import (

type ErrorController struct {

type ErrorJson struct {
    s string
    d string

func (this *ErrorController) Get() {

    var responseJson ErrorJson
    responseJson = ErrorJson{
        s: "asdf",
        d: "qwer",

    this.Data["json"] = responseJson

My router is defined as

beego.Router("/api", &controllers.ErrorController{})

When I visit the route, I get an Empty JSON object without any properties.


If I replace the json struct with a string, I get a response. So beego is aware of the controller and the method.

this.Data["json"] = "Hello World"

What am I doing wrong?


You need to export the fields in ErrorJson by starting the name with an uppercase character. Use field tags to specify the lowercase names in the output.

type ErrorJson struct {
    S string `json:"s"`
    D string `json:"d"`

The encoding/json package and similar packages ignore unexported fields.


The s & d, low case in golang is not visable.

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