I'm trying to get my Karma test suite running with Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Chai-as-promised and chai-sinon.

It's currently set up with just mocha, chai and sinon framework.

frameworks: ['mocha', 'requirejs', 'sinon', 'chai']

Now I've tried adding some additional karma plugins, namely the karma-chai-sinon and karma-chai-as-promised. Then changing the above to

frameworks: ['mocha', 'requirejs', 'chai-sinon', 'chai-as-promised', 'chai']

In my unit test I have


but this gives me an error 'TypeError: '[object Object]' is not a function...' But if I do


It works as expected.

I've tried inspecting the karma plugin code but can't make any sense of them, I expected somewhere in the karma plugin to say 'chai.use(chaiAsPromised)' and 'chai.use(sinonChai)' but they don't. Karma website doesn't really explain how plugin/frameworks work under the hood either.

Can anybody help me set this up?

Thanks in advance.


By default, any assertions that don't take arguments have to be declared without brackets:


(Yeah it's weird.)

That's because in this case called is a getter function which actually sets up the assertion when it's accessed.

If you want to call these assertions as functions using parentheses you can use a plugin like dirty-chai (and karma-dirty-chai).

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