I want to remove extra spaces, add spaces if required and capitalize first letter of each word after special character using R

string <- "apple,banana, cat, doll and donkey;     fish,goat"

I want output as

Apple, Banana, Cat, Doll and donkey; Fish, Goat

I tried

gsub("(^.|,.|;.)", "\\U\\1", string, perl=T, useBytes = F)

It didn't work. Please help

  • you need to allow for whitespace gsub("(^.|[,;]\\s*.)", "\\U\\1", string, perl=TRUE) – rawr Dec 7 '15 at 14:21
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You can use

string <- "apple,banana, cat, doll and donkey;     fish,goat"
trimws(gsub("(^|\\p{P})\\s*(.)", "\\1 \\U\\2", string, perl=T))
## => [1] "Apple, Banana, Cat, Doll and donkey; Fish, Goat"

See this IDEONE demo

The PCRE regex matches:

  • (^|\\p{P}) - (Group 1) start of string or any punctuation
  • \\s* - 0 or more whitespace symbols
  • (.) - (Group 2) any character but a newline

The replacement:

  • \\1 - backreferences Group 1
  • - inserts a space between the punctuation and the next character or at the start of string
  • \\U\\2 - turns the Group 2 character uppercase

And trimws removes the initial space we added with the regex.

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