Using a ShinyR and data table we can create an interactive plot. When a user select a row in the data table it displayed with specific color and shape in the graph. When we un-select the row, point gain normal conditions. Example modified from (Shiny apps).

Additionally, we can identify particular points (we are interested in) on the graph (Using nearPoints)

I would like a user to be able un-select the row by clicking on particular point on the graph. Once user clicked the point on the graph it will gain normal appearance.

However, I can’t find function to make it work. There is a proxy and selectRows function in new DT library (the DT-package)(but for Mac it is unavailable). Example

Another option would be to write and option javascript code in callback, however my knowledge is limited in that area.

Will be thankful for any comments and suggestions.



  title = 'Select Table Rows',
    column(6, DT::dataTableOutput('x1')),
    column(6, plotOutput('x2', height = 500,click = "plot_click"),


shinyServer(function(input, output, session) {  
  output$x1 = DT::renderDataTable(cars, server = FALSE)
  # highlight selected rows in the scatterplot
  output$x2 = renderPlot({
    s = input$x1_rows_selected
    par(mar = c(4, 4, 1, .1))
    if (length(s)) points(cars[s, , drop = FALSE], pch = 19, cex = 2)
  output$info <- renderPrint({
    paste("Selected point row.name - ", row.names(nearPoints(cars, input$plot_click, xvar = "speed", yvar = "dist")), sep="")

With a new version of DT it works perfect with proxy

proxy = dataTableProxy('x1')
observeEvent(input$plot_click, {
  removeRow <- as.numeric(row.names(nearPoints(cars, input$plot_click, xvar = "speed", yvar = "dist")))
  selectRows(proxy, input$x1_rows_selected[!input$x1_rows_selected %in% removeRow])
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