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My Webservice call to Mongo returns following JSON. I need to iterate this JSON value and remove the Item - product_language as it contain NULL/Empty string.

ANy thoughts on how to do this?

Python 3.4 version.


"prod_doc_key" : "613509",

"metadata" : {
    "channel_availability_for" : {
        "description" : "Kiosk and Web",
        "id" : 0

    "dd_sold_out_flag" : 0,
    "dd_units_sold_flag" : 0,
    "display_type_id" : {
        "id" : 0
    "preorder_flag" : 0,
    "price_in_cart_flag" : 0,
    "product_language" : "",
    "product_type" : {
        "id" : 0,
        "name" : "Product"
    "promotion_flag" : 0,
    "published" : 1,
    "rebate_flag" : 0



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Load it with json, then remove the key if it's empty:

import json
item =json.loads(src)
if 'product_language' in item and not item['product_language']:

in Python, empty strings are equal to False.


use json module to load the json.

import json

with open('demo.txt','r+') as f:

        if dic['metadata']["product_language"]:
            del dic['metadata']["product_language"]
    except KeyError:
        print "Key doesn't exist"
    print dic

Note that, here dic is a dictionary, you can be sure about it by printing type(dic). So, you can can perform any dictionary operation on it, for example, I deleted a key of dic. To iterate through the dic, do:

for key,value in dic.iteritems():

You can remove a key k from a dictionary d with the syntax:

del d[k]

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