I am testing the correct operation of my function

bool Core::IsMeta(void)
  return mProc->GetCode(mPC)->Meta;

using instructions

EXPECT_EQ(true,CC->IsMeta()); // The instruction pointed to is meta
EXPECT_EQ(false,CC1->IsMeta()); // The instruction pointed to is NOT meta

the tests run OK, but the two tests behave differently: the 'true' case compiles OK, the 'false' case presents with the warning

In file included from /... ./build/gtest/src/gtest/include/gtest/gtest.h:1929:0, from /... .cpp:1: /... .cpp: In member function ‘virtual void ... ::TestBody()’: /... /build/gtest/src/gtest/include/gtest/internal/gtest-internal.h:133:55: warning: converting ‘false’ to pointer type for argument 1 of ‘char testing::internal::IsNullLiteralHelper(testing::internal::Secret*)’ [-Wconversion-null] (sizeof(::testing::internal::IsNullLiteralHelper(x)) == 1) ^

Why gtest wants to convert 'false' to pointer? And why not 'true'? Do I miss something?

  • why do you not use EXPECT_TRUE and EXPECT_FALSE for boolean tests? – CJCombrink Dec 9 '15 at 5:27

For booleans you need to use EXPECT_TRUE() and EXPECT_FALSE() rather than EXPECT_EQ.

  • 1
    Does not explain what is happening. Why doesn't eq work for bools? – Mad Physicist Dec 9 '15 at 10:09
  • @The Badger: I just copied lines of test above the test line in question. Yes, I can use EXPECT_TRUE(), etc. I think, however, that eq should work, too. And, I also find it strange that 'false' provokes a very strange conversion, while 'true' works as expected. – katang Dec 11 '15 at 13:14

The issue is not with gtest, it is actually a gcc bug as stated here.

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